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After that is high-value leisure – things you get a great deal of personal value from doing.

Most of us, though, spend an awful lot of our time at home in low-value activities – channel surfing, flipping through magazines, staring in a daze out the window, surfing the internet for “funny” things, and so on. Almost always, the best exchange you can do is to turn an hour of that low-value stuff into a half an hour of additional sleep and a half an hour of high-value stuff.

If you feel tired, don’t just do something idle – sleep.You’ve suddenly turned a block of time spent on something you hate (laundry) into a block of time spent on something you find fulfilling (child care).Does my job tap into my intrinsic motivations (things I loved as a kid or would do for free)? The key argument behind all of this is in order to do a job well, it needs to match up well with your core competencies and your own interests and it needs to have people involved that encourage you to do well.If you reduce that spending for a bit and keep your eye on the ball, you can start seeking out ways to directly minimize that stress.A full life doesn’t mean one that’s packed to the brim with scheduled activities and plans.

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