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Afterwards, Lena forces Connor's dad to see that keeping the boys apart isn't going to change Connor's sexuality and that he can only learn to accept his son.

In the season 2 finale, The End of the Beginning, Connor finally gets to see Jude. In season 3, he begins to adapt to identifying as gay.

Connor seems surprised as Jude tells him when he moves around a lot, things get lost or stolen.

Connor tries to make him feel better by saying another student is a jerk for always going on about everything he has, but Jude doesn't reply.

He is shown to be open about his sexuality and easily accepting of himself since coming out to his father.

His relationship with his father is shown to still be struggling, often hurt by his dad's negative opinion about him being gay. His relationship with Jude is strained when Jude makes the request to keep their relationship private and hesitates to label himself gay.

Connor Stevens is a recurring character in the ABC Family series, The Fosters.

Connor is Jude's best friend, later becoming his love interest and boyfriend.

He asks asks Jude if he wants to be partners, which Jude accepts.Connor asks him why he doesn't say anything bad about anybody, even the people who bully him. While working on the DNA project, Jude asks Connor if he can show him something.He grabs a key chain and a pocket knife with his real dads' initials carved on it.While working on the project, he learns a bit about Jude's life as a foster kid.While there, Connor also remarks to Jude how he is never rude, even to people who mistreat and bully him.

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