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But while her leotard might not be on point, her gymnastic skills certainly are - on Sunday she earned a score of 14.999 for the vault, taking her through to the finals.Decked out in top-to-toe glitter, it all seemed to be going wrong for 24-year-old Larrissa as she unexpectedly hit the floor during a particularly tricky manoeuvre - missing out on making it to the finals.

This dual-platform presence is the new church website blueprint for 2017. The typography on New Spring’s website is bigger than most.

Learn more by clicking here - When it comes to design, New Spring is my absolute favorite. Their headlines are a bold, chunky sans-serif, and their paragraph text is an elegant, refined serif — a perfect pairing.

Not only that, but across the entire site you’ll find beautiful photography that authentically captures what it feels like to be part of New Spring.

The high-leg swimming costume was set to be the must-have beachside look this summer, but whoever designed Germany's leotards seemed to have taken the trend a little too literally - resulting in some rather uncomfortable-looking uniforms.

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