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A cellular connection means the system can't be disabled by cutting your landline or cable connection.The control panel also needs a battery backup, so the system still works if your power goes out.If there's no easy way into your second floor, for instance, you can probably skip sensors for those upstairs windows.You likely also don't need motion detectors in every room—one or two on the main floor are usually enough.Its touchscreen control panel and smartphone app are simple to use, with its most important functions easily accessible from the main screen.You can expand the Live Watch system to include security cameras, smart locks, garage door openers, and other Z-Wave devices.

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We also didn't test any of the thousands of local and regional alarm companies, because there are far too many to account for.But adding loads of sensors can drastically increase the initial price of the system, so don't rush to cover every square inch.You should have contact sensors (that trigger when opened) on every entrance door to your house, but you probably don't need them for every operable window.When an alarm is triggered, it sends your family and emergency contacts a text message with a link to a text chat.Users can confirm the emergency or declare it a false alarm.

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