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In addition, buying your own tux will allow you to tailor your garment for the perfect fit.Classic trousers are black in color and made from the same fabric as the jacket.Buying a tux is a good choice if your body doesn’t change too much anymore, and if you plan on attending more than five black tie functions in your lifetime.The classic black tie outfit will not change and just five black tie events can offset the cost of buying your own ensemble.White dinner jackets worn with black pants are common for day time black tie functions.This type of dress code is commonly referred to “warm weather black tie”. The other choice available is a double breasted jacket.The classic tuxedo is made from a fabric that has a fine diagonal ribbed texture that is also known as grosgrain. It is more carefree than silk and much more breathable and comfortable than a synthetic fiber.Depending on the quality and price point, tuxedo fabrics range from silk (on the higher end) to a man made polyester (lowest cost). Choose a wool that is labeled “super 100” or higher.

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In the next few paragraphs I will cover acceptable tuxedo color, cut, and fabric options.

Black tie refers to a formal evening dress code that typically requires men to be dressed in tuxedo and women in evening gown. It is my goal to make this black tie guide both: concise and simple.

Whether you are looking for a quick guide to this formal dress code, or are a black tie regular that is looking for new, creative ways to dress for this strict dress code, my guide will give you all the answers.

The picture on the left shows a classic shirt that is perfect for your black tie outfit.

The classic shirt is bright white in color, has a turn-down spread collar, has a pleated front, and is French cuffed.

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