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Audio commentary can also be heard on two other cartoons on the disc. The Mayor babbles through "Something's a Ms." while Mojo Jojo tears apart "Slumbering With the Enemy". " Boogie Man turns his Limo in2 a rocket, & says "We gon make this naaight! Well, this is Powa Lunch when it was never before seen, It was the same thoh. I bought this for my little brother, but I love it more than he does! Well, this is the old stuff, & the Girls were 1st called the [email protected]$$ Girls. they were the only villans in the [email protected]$$ Girls opening. Well, this episode is only 3 minutes, & The Amoeba Boys r in this! Not only is the cartoon great but now it's Jam Packed with special features. This 1 has 2 kool parts, but its the worst episode on this DVD! Well, our 3 girls r too exhausted 2 fight anymore, so they wanna make another Powapuff. Its 2 sad at the end, cuz Bunny explodes (crying) (2.3 stars) Something's A Ms... Shes funny, but she arrests the wrong people, the Police!

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The disc includes only 6 cartoons culled from the show itself (the other DVDs had 10), but it makes up for it by including two cartoons that have never been seen before on television, "Helter Shelter" and "Power Lunch".

)The First Powapuff, but not Powapuff season, The [email protected]$$ Girls! Well, the opening is cool, but the Girls dont look cuter. & the Gangreene Gang look much more devious, ecpecially Ace. Each room has motion inside and sound and each room has different special features that you would expect to find in that specific room.

I liked seeing the two episodes that were never released on television, they were wonderful. You then click on a building (Pokie Oaks, Mojo Jo Jo's, Townsville broadcasting system, ETC) and the screen will close up into the building so you're inside.

The cartoons are a great selection, that's for sure. I went straight to adventure in Townsville and I was having fun just looking over Townsville!

It was definately the COOLEST most cheerful DVD I've ever come across. You can watch all cartoons, select a cartoon, select language, or adventure in Townsvill.

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