Dating an ironman triathlete dating the new testament books

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I used to hate it when people said this, but the cliche is true: nine times out of 10, if you can force yourself to just start, you'll quickly get into the groove and wonder why you put it off.

Favorite energizing meal: At the moment, I'm kind of a smoothie freak.

One thing I can tell you though about those years of biking and running near naked in nothing but a Speedo was that I could never get enough of all the female spectators along the course who would whistle at us.

This week on That Girl, we are celebrating Susan Lacke, a triathlete who has accomplished one of the most grueling events out there–an Ironman.

While thousands of women complete this 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run event every year, what inspires us about Susan is the fact that she did so a mere year and a half after losing 70 pounds and running her first 5K race.

That's a remarkable accomplishment in such a short time.

And considering that the current World Champ record holder (Craig Alexander, in 2011) clocked in at just over eight hours, the Ironman couldn’t be truer to its name.I'm currently working on my latest goal, which is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.It's my biggest challenge to date, and I'm loving every second! I have an inner fat kid who refuses to be silenced, so I run to balance out her cupcake consumption. Except for that little Speedo and a flimsy running top we “were” darn near biking-naked. If you spend hundreds of hours training yourself to Ironman status why not flaunt it?When I look back, you probably could have taken all the clothes all of us were wearing and put them in one plastic grocery bag.

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