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They even built a Kid’s Center that competed with Whit's End. Robert ‘Mitch’ Mitchell and his girlfriend Justine Baker both got jobs working for Galaxy Communications in Boston. Charles about the memo, and “he got really weird about it.” When Justine was traveling home that night, she was followed by Andromeda hit-men, and was run off the road. After telling the police but getting nowhere due to lack of evidence, Mitch decided to form his own investigation, and he moved to Odyssey to get closer to Eugene.

While there, Justine read the name ‘Operation Think Tank’ in a memo. He transferred from Galaxy Communications to Novacom Broadcasting, and joined the public relations department.

They bought up a lot of buildings around the town, and started broadcasting radio and television programs.

They bought a plot of land on Tom Riley’s farm to erect a tower.

They found the modem, but it self-destructed when they tried to touch it.

AREM appeared to Alex and Cal again, showing that RWS was also on Novacom’s website.

Andromeda gave Eugene funding for his tuition at Campbell College if he commenced the study. Stephen De White was working for Andromeda until he found out that they were illegally taking over radio stations all over the world.

Without it, none of the future Novabox technology would work.

After being caught, they told College Security about AREM.

The college encountered AREM again, and AREM allowed himself to be traced back to Andromeda’s modem.

Mitch also began investigating Duncan Mathis’ sister, Monica Stone, who was an agent for Andromeda.

Monica posed as a telephone woman in order to plant a modem in Whit’s office.

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