Sexual assault by campus dean speed dating new orleans louisiana

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We spoke to him ahead of this morning’s meeting, about what he plans to tell De Vos: “Reporting was still a really difficult process.

But knowing that I had protections under Title IX and knowing, from the Dear Colleague letter, what Tufts’ obligations were definitely helped throughout the process.”It took me a while to come to terms with it.

I think it’s really important for two reasons: First, it explains to schools what their obligations are under federal law.

Because I honestly didn’t feel safe with him there.

Growing up on Long Island and attending Jewish day school, he never felt comfortable enough to say it out loud, but Tufts had a reputation for being a great place for LGBTQ students.

So much so that Dashow couldn’t even wait for his first day of class to come out; the first people he ever told about being gay were the people in his Tufts pre-orientation group.

This excitement quickly soured, however, when his first-ever experience with a guy ended in sexual assault.

For years, he couldn’t come to terms with what happened.

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