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Er berichtet seit Jahrzehnten aus den Krisenregionen der islamischen Welt - seit 2011 vor allem aus und über Syrien.

Er ist studierter Islamwissenschaftler und spricht fließend Arabisch.

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When Islamic State conquered Raqqa in 2014, Fadi al-Hadi fled to Germany while Nadja Ramadan abandoned her life near Frankfurt to marry an Islamist in the IS stronghold.

It takes several days before permission is granted to drive into Raqqa.

Streets have been transformed into narrow paths through ravines of ruined buildings jutting into the sky, piles of rubble and the twisted wreckage of cars.

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That is where the soldiers sleep when temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) transform the buildings into ovens.

Just recently, a drone killed one of them and injured five more.

"Forty seconds," says Luqman Khalil, one of the SDF commanders on the city's eastern front, with weary pride.

Often, it takes no longer than that between the first report of an IS position, usually a sniper, and the impact of a shell or a bomb and the disappearance of that position.

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