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The apartments were decorated conservatively and the ornaments concentrate on the balconies and cornice.

On the higher floors, the ceilings were built lower and the presence of balconies and other luxuries depended on the architect who designed the building.

For a long time those rooms, now outfitted with private baths, were typical student apartments or have been connected to larger apartments to give views over the zinc roofs of Paris.

The modernisation of the buildings In recent decades, these Haussman style buildings have generally been brough up to date.

He often specified the construction materials to use according to the prestige of the different areas of the town.

An aesthetic gradation, parallel to the social gradation, however introduces some variety: From houses for workers and small manufacturers to rich houses of the boulevards.

High enough from the road to avoid noise but not too many stairs to climb.

Elevators were still new and very expensive and only installed in prestigious places like the Grands Hôtels.

Even though Haussmann himself never drafted a single building, through regulations he defined a style for the bourgeois apartment building of the end of the nineteenth century.

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In the following years, he created breakthroughs, large straight avenues edged with trees and stone buildings to visually connect the key points of the city.

In so doing, he razed entire neighborhoods, and became increasingly unpopular as he gradually erased most of the city’s medieval character and the financing of the works became more and more adventurous.

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