Who is richard branson dating

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He writes: 'Jenson and his girlfriend were sitting at the next table, enjoying a far quieter evening as he had to race the next morning.'By contrast, through a mixture of tiredness, jetlag and drink, I soon found myself very, very inebriated.Virgin Hyperloop One, the startup aiming to build a high-tech, high-speed transit system, said Monday it had appointed billionaire Richard Branson as its chairman.After posting about the alleged incident on her Facebook, singer Antonia Jenae shared a story with The Sun in which she claims Branson stuck his head between her breasts and “motorboated” them by blowing and making an engine noise. ’ Everyone was wondering why I wasn’t angry because I’m usually a firebrand.At the time, Jenae was a backup singer for Joss Stone. But I was just too shocked.” She also claims Branson tried to get her to show him her breasts and to walk around topless.The dad-of-two has started up some very lucrative companies along the way, including Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984 and Virgin Trains in 1993.He also has a keen interest in space, and launched space tourism company Virgin Galactic in 2004, with the hope of offering future trips to space for £153,000 a go.

He has hosted everyone from Ronnie and Sally Wood to David Hasselhoff at the luxury retreat.

The Virgin boss bought Necker in 1979 for around £137,538 (0,000) and ever since he has used the private paradise to schmooze the rich and famous.

Over the next three years he spent a reported £7.63million (million) transforming it into a luxury resort with a ten-bed villa overlooking the beach.

I feel like it was sexual assault.'We were by the bar and he was saying bye to everyone. A statement from a Virgin Management spokesman said: 'Joss Stone, members of her family and her band were invited to Necker Island in June 2010.

Everyone appeared to enjoy their time on the island.'Richard has no recollection of this matter and neither do his family and friends, who were with him at the time.

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